Chapter Four

More from my friend Aaron. I fear he’s a better writer than I am.

Breakfast, Nudity, And A Ladder

This is Chapter Four of my continuing fiction experiment, as always your feedback and suggestions are much appreciated.
Chapter Three is here

The next morning found Connall on the bustling wharf street, eyes wide, mouth not shut.

He had been to town on only a few occasions previous in the company of his father, and they’d never come down to the docks.  He gaped in stupefied wonder at the sheer mass of activity, dockhands swearing jovially at one another as they swung cargo on and off the ships at dock; sailors stumping along, purses clinking fat for the last time on this shore, whores and vendors with their wares on full display.

He’d intended to find the blacksmith his father had often traded with, but it was just darkening as he arrived at the edge of town, and rather than risk running afoul of the local nightlife, he’d slept…

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